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About DorsiFLEX

Perform a variety of simultaneous, highly-effective stretches with DorsiFLEX. With its two (2) adjustable angles and 20 “fingers” on a twist axis, you simply position your toes and forefoot laterally to achieve a novel 3-D stretch. The indexed design of DorsiFLEX allows for accurate measurement and tracking of progressive improvement in your foot and ankle range of motion.


  • DorsiFLEX is made of FDA-Grade material, designed to withstand more than 350 pounds of weight but is light enough to carry anywhere
  • The fingers have smooth-top, rounded surfaces for comfort and won’t bend under heavy loads
  • It includes a sturdy base that’s padded and two incline legs that can slant DorsiFLEX an additional 10°
  • A non-slip ring on the bottom grips almost any floor surface
  • Two incline legs included to slant an additional 10°
  • Dimensions: 14” x 7.5” x 1.25”, Weight: 2.26 lbs.

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olivier W.
France France

Efficient but sliding

I bought it for a french rehabilitation office. Very good and solids materials, stable and easy to use. The only request I can mention about this product is about the surface which is sliding when using socks. It's obviously perfect barefoot but not the good deal about hygiene in office. Very good product nevertheless

Phyllis H.
United States United States

Extremely Great Product

I have been using this product for several weeks and must say it has helped me tremendously. Recovering from ruptured anterior tibialis tendon, it is aiding in my rehab.

Drayton S.
United States United States

Excellent service and product

It seemed that as soon as I ordered my Dorsiflex, the order was on its way. I’ve been dealing with plantar fasciitis for months. I went to my Podiatrist and bought a boot contraption from them that was pricey and not particularly helpful. The Dorsiflex was recommended by a neighbor who is also dealing with PF. She learned about it from a personal trainer whose clients had a great experience with it. This is by far the most helpful thing I have tried, my PF is definitely feeling better. I recommend without reservation.

Stacy W.
United States United States

Plantar fasciitis begone!

I've been a long-time sufferer of Plantar Fasciitis and this device has helped to mitigate it. I also have neuropathy and drop foot which adds to my flare-ups. Since using the Dorsiflex, my foot has more stamina and I've been pain-free.

Craig L.
United States United States

Bought this for an extreme case of Plantar fasciitis

I have been using this for a couple of weeks now. Along with other stretching exercises. It works very good I have noticed a huge change in the amount of pain from day to day. I also have neuropathy in both feet. I am a builder and am on my feet all day before this purchase. Many days I wanted to end it all. The foot pain was unbearable. I am stretching three or four times a day using the dorsiflex. My pain has gone from a 15 to a 5. I still have good days and bad days because of the work I do everyday. But don’t know where I’d be without this tool. This along with other calf muscle stretches and foot massage I truly believe I will be 100 percent healed in no time. I had this same injury 13 years ago I received prolo therapy injections for over a year it took about a 1 1/2 to heal from that. And the injections were expensive and extremely painful. I have had major relief in a matter of two weeks using dorsiflex Thank you