Customers Love DorsiFLEX

Yes, DorsiFLEX creates strong, healthy feet - but don't just take our word for it. Check out these testimonials to discover how DorsiFLEX is changing lives.


“I started using the DorsiFLEX to stretch in a more weight-bearing fashion before bed, in the morning, and occasionally throughout the day. The DorsiFLEX gave me the ability to stretch portions of my foot I had not been able to stretch before. Within four weeks, my pain was gone.”

- John S. Charlotte, NC


“I love this! The way the design captures the motion of the foot is genius. The motion it drives in the MPT joint at the great toe is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”

- Katie F. Charlotte, NC


“ I received the DorsiFLEX today. Just did my stretches and wow my gosh it really stretches. It is really what you said that it is as it stretches the parts that are hard to get to and what I sometimes get from my PT.”

- Erin, USA


“I’m stretching without socks and I feel a difference. What a difference! I’ve noticed increased usage of the DorsiFLEX has coincided with decreased tenderness in my Achilles and calf muscles, especially my soleus. My ankles and Achilles feel much more free and more flexible which I can safely attribute to your product.”

- Andres B., USA


“ The best thing about the DorsiFLEX? I don’t dread the second I put my foot on the floor first thing in the morning. Waking up and knowing my feet won’t scream in protest is “almost” enough to make me want to get up on Mondays!“

- Kate L., Monroe, NC


“ I can’t explain how grateful I am! The fact that the DorsiFLEX exists and is making much change in such a short amount of time is ridiculous.”

- Nick S., Texas


“ I’ve been loving the device. Had some tendinitis in my tibialis posterior and after using the DorsiFLEX regularly it decreased to nothing now. Thanks again.“

- Kienan L., Canada


“ Love this product. I had awful pain in my right foot for over a month. I used the DorsiFLEX for five minutes in the morning and in the evening and my pain was gone in 10 days.“

- Josh W. Charlotte, NC


“I’ve worn the boot at night, iced with frozen bottles, rolled with a lacrosse ball and nothing worked. I’ve spent a fortune on shoes, inserts and devices and my foot was getting worse. I’m amazed what the DorsiFLEX does. I felt improvement after three days and now after four weeks I have zero pain. Your product offers the best stretch and the easiest compliance of anything I have tried. I love the results as I have no pain after suffering for eight months.”

- Walter C. Gastonia, NC


“I don’t want to jinx things, but after just three days of using the DorsiFLEX I’m already seeing a huge improvement. When I just woke up this morning, I was expecting to feel pain in my first few steps but was surprised that they weren’t hurting, for the first time in eight months. Thank you for creating this amazing little piece of equipment.”

- Megan S,. Ohio


“The most outstanding feature of the DorsiFLEX is the rigidity of the device. It allows me to set the position allowing me to move my foot as needed. The incremental adjustments that are standardized is a big plus.“

- Chip M., Ohio


“I have been really impressed with the DorsiFLEX. I’m almost completely pain-free. I just spent a week in Colorado and walked for hours on end with little to no pain. A year ago or even a few months ago I could not have done that.”

- Melissa R., USA


“We found adding the slant gave our clients a better stretch. I absolutely love the function with the toes. I think you have struck gold.“

- DC Sports., USA


“The DorsiFLEX did wonders for my plantar fasciitis. I use it daily for strengthening my foot and calves.”

- Marty B. Colorado


“I believe you have a great product and that it is doing a lot of good things. You’re offering hope. That’s exactly what I need right now.”

- Barrett P. Charlotte, NC


“ I had massive foot pain and now I don’t! I went to orthopedic doc who gave me a boot thing that I didn’t want to wear so I decided to use the DorsiFLEX first. No need to even use the boot now.”

- Americus R. Philadelphia, PA


“I have found relief. The key is stretching properly. The problem was knowing how to stretch properly. The Dorsiflex is the solution. In four weeks I noticed a big difference and in eight weeks I was pain free even after walking 6 to 10 miles per day at work. Plain and simple, the DorsiFLEX works!!!”

​​- Don C. Mooresville, NC