Frequently Asked Questions

Who is DorsiFLEX for?

DorsiFLEX is for anyone with foot, ankle, calf or leg discomfort. This includes those that have plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, turf toe, or other lower leg injuries. DorsiFLEX should be used by not only athletes but anyone who is on their feet all day.

What are some examples of stretches performed with DorsiFLEX?

Some stretches you can perform with DorsiFLEX include the straight leg gastrocnemius stretch, the bent knee soleus stretch, the heel raise stretch and the big toe stretch. Click here to watch videos showing how to properly stretch using the DorsiFLEX.

What are DorsiFLEX’s inclines?

DorsiFLEX offers a lateral incline ranging from 8-55° and a vertical incline from 20-50°.

How much does the DorsiFLEX weigh?

DorsiFLEX weighs 2.26 lbs. and is designed to withstand weights more than 350 lbs.

What is your shipping policy?

Shipping the DorsiFLEX to all 50 states is free; international shipping starts at $33. Shipping the replacement legs to all 50 states starts at $5 and varies based on destination; international shipping starts at $18. The fulfillment process begins the next day if ordered before 12 PM EST. International shipping is available to Australia, England/UK, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, France, India, Chile, Taiwan, Philippines, New Zealand, South Korea, and The Netherlands. Please contact us directly if you don’t see your country listed above.