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About DorsiFLEX

Perform a variety of simultaneous, highly-effective stretches with DorsiFLEX. With its two (2) adjustable angles and 20 “fingers” on a twist axis, you simply position your toes and forefoot laterally to achieve a novel 3-D stretch. The indexed design of DorsiFLEX allows for accurate measurement and tracking of progressive improvement in your foot and ankle range of motion.


  • DorsiFLEX is made of FDA-Grade material, designed to withstand more than 350 pounds of weight but is light enough to carry anywhere
  • The fingers have smooth-top, rounded surfaces for comfort and won’t bend under heavy loads
  • It includes a sturdy base that’s padded and two incline legs that can slant DorsiFLEX an additional 10°
  • A non-slip ring on the bottom grips almost any floor surface
  • Two incline legs included to slant an additional 10°
  • Dimensions: 14” x 7.5” x 1.25”, Weight: 2.26 lbs.

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United States United States

Amazing Product

This product worked miracles not only on foot pain, but also helped with tight calves and Achilles tendons! It is extremely easy to use and very well made! Highly recommend that anyone dealing with lower leg and foot problems get one of these!

United States United States

Broken to back at it

Double partial tear of achilles at age 54; Masters Track Runner. Did the boot & then PT; never stopped running by using a specialized brace & backing off mileage. After 9 mos .. hit a plateau & then found DorsiFLEX. DF Twice a day w/ multiple guided exercises helped me rebuild my calf strength from typical atrophy of this type injury. This devise also improves foot & ankle flexibility & strength. It targets post injury therapy in a unique way because of the adjustable fingers; customizes what you need. Think about the hundreds of tendons in ur feet - how do you strengthen them to prevent injury?? DorsiFLEX gives you healthy feet ~ essential to everyone for a long fun life. Steeplechase race ahead

Don C.

Game Changer

Miracle worker! That is the easiest way for me to describe the Dorsiflex. I suffered with Plantar Fasciitis for over 10 years. I had tried every type of relief and remedy including ice, socks, inserts, medication, etc.. Nothing worked until I found the Dorsiflex. Within 8 weeks I was pain free. Plain and simply the best, and only , solution I found, in the time I tried to get relief. The Dorsiflex changed my life. No longer do I avoid exercise, yard work or walks on the beach. I don't even think about the pain anymore. Thank You Dorsiflex! Don Copeland

Kate M.
United States United States

Best Purchase I've Ever Made!

I have perpetually tight calves and had tweaked my Achilles while training for a race- could barely walk, let alone run. I'd tried stretching and done PT and it just never really went away. I was hobbling and desperate and figured DorsiFLEX was worth a shot, as it was about the price of two PT visits, so I ordered one. The difference was honestly incredible. I have now made it through two years and four intense race training cycles without any issues, and I cannot say enough about this thing. Quick stretches in the morning, pre- and post-run, and before bed are all it takes to keep my calves, feet, and Achilles happy. It's a godsend.

Trinity W.
United States United States

The DorsiFLEX is truly life-changing!

I tried the sock and special shoes but nothing worked. The DorsiFLEX is truly life-changing!