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About DorsiFLEX

Perform a variety of simultaneous, highly-effective stretches with DorsiFLEX. With its two (2) adjustable angles and 20 “fingers” on a twist axis, you simply position your toes and forefoot laterally to achieve a novel 3-D stretch. The indexed design of DorsiFLEX allows for accurate measurement and tracking of progressive improvement in your foot and ankle range of motion.


  • DorsiFLEX is made of FDA-Grade material, designed to withstand more than 350 pounds of weight but is light enough to carry anywhere
  • The fingers have smooth-top, rounded surfaces for comfort and won’t bend under heavy loads
  • It includes a sturdy base that’s padded and two incline legs that can slant DorsiFLEX an additional 10°
  • A non-slip ring on the bottom grips almost any floor surface
  • Two incline legs included to slant an additional 10°
  • Dimensions: 14” x 7.5” x 1.25”, Weight: 2.26 lbs.

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Lisa B.
United States United States

Finally some relief!

I felt immediate relief when using this consistently. I was having some pain in my Achilles and toes and going to the foot doctor did not help. Decided I could spend the amount of a couple of co-pays to the doctor and glad I did.

Brian L.
United States United States

I’m absolutely Amazed !

I've been a lifelong martial artist and competed for 30 years. Always being barefoot, and on every type of floor imaginable, I’ve experienced plantar fasciitis several times through the years. I’ve been to doctors and have done several types of stretches to assist in recovery. I received my Dorsiflex and for the first time ever, feel the stretch in the exact spot of the pain ! I was amazed at how it targets the area and not just a general stretch like I experienced in the past. This is the answer and the best kept secret !

Chris K.
United States United States

Two is better than one!

I got my second Dorsiflex in the mail. I can stretch both sets toes out at the time to prevent Hallux Rigidus in the good toe or use the second one at work on my break. If you have no choice but to use one daily or be in pain due to the toe condition then you will love the second one.

Chris K.
United States United States

Post Op

I've been an athlete my entire life, and I never foot or toe being a runner or with weight training. One day, I was in Hawaii as a travel nurse doing reverse lunges and started to have toe pain that wouldn't go away. My biggest regret as an athlete is not doing more toe, foot, and ankle work. Anyhow, I was diagnosed with end-stage Hallux Rigidus. 1st toe surgery was a Cheilectomy, and it failed. Most doctors around the Indy area would have done a fusion. I got lucky and was one of the 50-70th to have the Biopoly Greater toe replacement in the US. I was one of the lucky one’s to get tons of scar tissue. After, my two week mark being in a imoobolizer we got to see my toe ROM which was 0 degrees. I couldn't move the toe. Thank God fir this product it made it easier to improve incrementally. I didn't have it the first few weeks and just using the floor and a chair irritated it more since I couldn't gauge with accuracy how far I was pushing my toe in rehab. This device along with an excellent PT got me up to 62 degrees of ROM. Thank you for creating this device for HR. I use it multiple times a day and will stretch 1-5 times per day for at least 5 minutes at a time and this device allows me to work and hit my rehab goals. My surgeon didn't think it was possible that I could do it but I did. And now I want to see how far I can still improve. All runners, people who do resistance training, martial artists, dancers, and nurses should give this product a try for not only prevention of the toe, foot, ankle, and knee issues but to move faster. The greater the toe mobility the faster you can walk and run. Look at the research and I know from my post Op experience on days my toe was less flexible to days it had greater for flexibility. My walking times were a lot faster. Once I can run again I will run the same experiment. I'm ready to order a second one for work so I don't have to carry this one with me 24/7. Thank you for this product!

Sara D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


I would definitely recommend this product I’m 4 years post stroke and this has helped loosen my ankle and stop my toes scrunching