Our Story

We are two friends, and avid runners, who both suffered from the same painful problem, plantar fasciitis. It was not only ruining our quality-of-life but preventing us from doing what we love as well.

After years of standing on tennis balls, rolling on frozen water bottles, and trying every foot and toe stretch under the sun, we knew we needed to create a better product to increase the stretch to target specific muscles and muscle group combinations that were the cause of our seemingly never ending pain.

Our idea was to improve and innovate stretching for lower leg, foot and heel injuries – offering a deeper and more complete, personalized, leveraged, versatile stretch of all muscles and muscle group combinations in the lower leg and foot. DorsiFLEX is simple to use yet incredibly effective in achieving those goals.

Our mission is to help other plantar fasciitis sufferers with a product and method that works and eliminate and eradicate plantar fasciitis and heel pain forever.

Jim and Steve